can we really trust Wab Kinew, Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh to grow Manitoba’s economy, prevent crime and keep taxes low?

It’s time to learn more about the reckless and radical team that wants to raise your taxes, chase out investment, and defund the police. They might pretend to be like Gary Doer, but they aren't. 

The last time the NDP were in power they drove the economy into the ground with anti-business policies and hurt affordability with high taxes.

- The NDP lied about increasing the PST
- The NDP increased taxes 14 times
- The NDP oversaw massive job losses
- The NDP oversaw businesses leaving Manitoba

The NDP also won’t keep us safe.

Here is their “public safety plan”:

they believe in distributing Free heroin and hard drugs on our streets.

and THE NDP Oppose stricter bail reform to keep those same streets safe.

support the movement to defund the police

Meet wab kinew - the leader of the ndp

(He wants to be the next Premier of Manitoba)

Wab Kinew wants to be Premier, but Manitobans just can't trust a man with his character. Wab has a record of violent aggression. He was accused of domestic violence by a common law partner, who claimed the wannabe Premier “threw her across the room”. Wab “pleaded guilty to refusing a breath demand, assault, failing to report for bail supervision, and breaching a court-ordered curfew”. He was also convicted for drunkenly assaulting a taxi driver, whom he berated with racials slurs, to make matters worse he lied about what happened in his book

meet uzoma ASAGWARA - a #DefundthePolice Activist

(They want to be in Wab's Cabinet)

Uzoma is a defund the police activist. Crime in Downtown Winnipeg, where Uzoma represents, is out of control. We can’t afford Uzoma’s radical anti-policing ideology and their desire to “Reallocate” funding away from community policing.  Uzoma also wants to allow for supervised drug use centers like they do in Vancouver and Toronto. These drug use sites have increased crime, litter, and suffering in those communities.  

meet mark wasilyew - the 'lawyer'

Mark Wasilyew is a full time Member of the Legislature on Wab’s team. When Mark isn’t busy collecting a full time salary from taxpayers he works as a criminal defense specialist helping child predators, drunk drivers, and rapists try to avoid jail time and punishment. Mark believes that Canada’s out of control bail system works fine and his own website claims that drunk driving isn't against the law. We can’t afford Mark being in charge of the criminal justice system. 

meet eric redhead - Charged with Domestic Assault

Eric, just like his boss Wab, has a concerning record. Eric and Wab have a lot in common when it comes to committing assault.  Eric was charged and convicted with physically assaulting his partner, the mother of his children.  

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